The practice of practice

Thoughts on Business from a New Practitioner • Stacey Whitcomb • Qi017

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In this episode we take a look at marketing and practice building from the perspective of new practitioner who is excited and looking forward to building a business.

No, you don’t need to go back and reread that last paragraph; you got it right the first read through. In this conversation we hear from a newly minted acupuncturist who is happily looking forward to building a business. Yes, this is a minority point of view, as many of us believe ourselves to be healers, but not “business people.”

For many this aversion to engaging the “practice of practice” can be the source of emotional, financial, relational and spiritual struggle. We grudgingly do something we hate in order to get something we want. How’s that supposed to work?

Listen in and update your perspective on marketing and business!

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Show Highlights
3:50     Finding out who you are
7:40     Getting started, things to do early on
9:20     Stay out of debt
11:40    Free is not always a good idea
14:30    Get an accountant and a mentor
17:40    Getting referrals, networking
26:40    Common mistakes
34:20    Recommended podcasts
39:25   Staceys top tip for business

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The guest of this show 

THE NITTY: I have a B.S. in Exercise Science, was a Massage Therapist for 17 years and recently graduated from the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine with my Masters in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. 

THE GRITTY: I am a goal geek. I have raced mountain bikes, competed in amateur level bodybuilding, completed a Marathon, an UltraMarathon, a Half Ironman, built my own Tiny House on Wheels (THOW) and survived my childhood. I am currently hitting reset after school and getting clear on my career and health goals. (Don’t worry colleagues, I also practice QiGong and nothingness.)

THE PROFESSION: I’ve learned that my patients tell me what is really going on after the interview and during the treatment when they are relaxed and we are just bantering. People heal when they are heard.

MY STYLE: If I actually have one, at this point it is “East meets West”. I love treating musculoskeletal issues simply because I feel more at ease there due to my background. I consider this my launching point but am excited for whatever comes my way. 

THE WHY: As a kid my happy place was sitting in front of a bookshelf in our living room which contained a set of encyclopedias. I would read at random for hours absorbing a rainbow of topics, or I would basically do an antique google search in the books and keep rolling with curiosity. I love Chinese Medicine because it is inexhaustible. I can geek out for the rest of my life and it rapidly broadens my perspective in all the things. Plus, it is an outlet for my love….



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